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a).By accessing this website you consent to the following terms & conditions.  UK mailing address Enterprise house Wales ltd thereafter known referred to as the Enterprise house or the business or service/s. In consideration of the payment of the service fee the business shall during the terms of this agreement provide to the client during our business opening hours.

b.) Provided that hereafter known as the business  – the business shall not be liable for failure to carry out any obligations referred to in this agreement or if any interruption in any of the facilities where the failure or interrupting is by any other reason of necessary repair – maintenance or destruction by floods – fire – or any other cause beyond the control of the business or by reason of mechanical defect – breakdown – frost or other inclement conditions or unavoidable shortage of fuel materials – labour or any other act  or omission or negligence of any employee or contractor.

2. Terms of payment
a). The client shall pay the business during the period of the agreement the service fee/s and any other charges costs and expenses in respect of business centre services provided by the business centre services provided by the service to the client as may be applicable.  The charges made by the service for the business tariff and charges / costs from time2time without advanced notice.

b).The service fee is payable in advance and upon the first working day of each month and any other charges incurred by the client for business services will be invoiced to the client in arrears and are due within seven days of receipt of invoice or in the event an agreement term being for a period of less than a weeks then any such charges are due in cash credit card or other monies pound sterling payment at point of service.

c).The deposit is due on the reservation of the services further deposits may be required for some Enterprise house business services as the service centre  may determine from time2time.  The deposit will be returned within two calendar months of termination of this agreement subject to the deduction of (if any) any outstanding facility charges business fees service charges outstanding postage – or any other costs. No interest is payable from UK mailing address Enterprise house the business operator or otherwise.

d). All sums payable by the client are exclusive of UK value added tax V.A.T and will be charge as required by law and at the current rate where applicable… currently VAT Exempt.

e).Enterprise house UK mailing address will not be obliged to provide any services to the client when accounts are overdue. Enterprise house understands and will exercise the right to claim interest and compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation if the UK mailing address Enterprise House is not paid according to the agreement credit terms as shown in referred clause 2.a). Of this agreement.  In addition UK mailing address Enterprise house (Wales) Ltd  reserves the right to  recover  and the client agrees to pay all costs incurred including legal costs in recovering outstanding arrears of the service fees and any other charges due under the agreement in excess of the compensation charged for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation.

f). Payment of the service fees and any other additional UK mailing address Enterprise house service charges shall be by the way of  either/or British sterling , standing order, standing order, bank transfer, postal order, cash paid directly in tour business bank account at your nearest branch of branch of HSBC, BAC’s , credit cards accepted via PayPal and Paypal invoice. The first payment may be made by alternative method with prior approval / arrangement of UK mailing address Enterprise House. All credit cards are accepted via PayPal. Cash is accepted in pound sterling for any amounts up to £150.00. Refundable deposits paid by method of payment received excluding any costs if involved e.g. Postal order. Cheques are only accepted due to prior arrangement with UK mailing address the business and must be drawn in pound sterling from a UK bank.

g). the dedicated telephone services does not include answering to an advertisement or promotional campaigns. In the event that the directors of the business UK mailing address Enterprise House decide that the client is abusing these services that reserve to terminate lines to the client at anytime without notice. Such lines will not be re connected until the client service user has paid an additional deposit to the business UK mailing address Enterprise house of such a sum as the business service may request and the business service has agreed to provide a telephone response service at such rate the business service shall determine.

h) the service user client shall automatically have a credit equal to the deposit paid by the client. In the event that the service user client monthly account for UK mailing address Enterprise House the business services  and any other costs  or expenses exceed this credit limit or during the course of this agreement the business is entitled to have recourse to the deposit the UK mailing address Enterprise house reserves the right to ask for and receive either an interim payment to maintain the account within its credit limit or such a sum as may be necessary to restore the deposit to the full amount of deposit.

i). any deductions which the business shall make take from the deposit shall be without prejudice to any right of action or remedy of the UK mailing address Enterprise house in respect of any breach of this agreement.

j) UK mailing address the business shall be entitled to charge the service user client for handling and storage charges for any parcel packet or any other object received stored or left at the Enterprise House business centre and belonging to intended to be delivered to the service user / client.

3. Client / Licensee / Service user obligations:-
a)  During the term of the agreement the service user / client shall comply with the terms and conditions of this agreement and the rules of UK mailing address Enterprise House the business centre attached hereto and any other regulations as the business shall determine from time2time the business the amount set out in any invoice issued by the UK Mailing Address (Enterprise House)  together with any value added tax that may be payable.

c. indemnify UK Mailing Address (Enterprise House) the business centre business services against any expense costs claims damages or penalties incurred by the business through the service user / client use of the facilities or premises.

d. conduct from the facility (virtual or otherwise) on the business of the client specified complies with all the law permits licensing laws taxes and other regulations governing the business of the client.

e. any property articles of the service user /client is left at the premises at the clients / service user’s risk. In the event of any property of the client being left at the premises business centre or facilities will be held for the client to collect or by arrangement if possible to be forward on to the sender subject to courier / postage costs

f. this agreement is personal to the licensee / client / service user / membership / subscription and may not be assigned sublicenses or otherwise dealt in a way by the licensee /client / service user. g. additional adults joining your residential address account once paid are only valid from one month – thought to twelve months or whilst the clients membership / subscription is valid whatever is less. Additional adults joining main residential address account holder account, no refunds for additional adults paid - whether used or not.

h. Business address and residential addresses only to be used for legal purposes only. Residential address is for domestic post only, no business post allowed.

i. All post / mail received or forwarded send must be legal and not from Royal Mails prohibited item list. or

4. Terminating the licence / business services
a). This agreement is for the term specified unless terminated in accordance with the provisions of clause4 it will automatically extend by further periods of the term specified until notice of termination is served.

b). the business shall be entitled to terminate this agreement at any one time to terminating this agreement forth with if the client should fail -
i). to pay any sum or pert thereof payable under this agreement / licence   on the date or
ii). to observe or perform any of the client’s obligations or
iii). if the client / service user being a company enters in to liquidation or being an individual has a receiving order made  against them / him / her or becomes bankrupt in the event of such termination to the client shall remain liable for all the charges costs and expenses already incurred and will be obliged to pay UK mailing address (Enterprise House) the business an indemnity equal to one months facility service fee or the total service user/ facility /licence fee and outstanding costs if any for the expired term whichever is greater.

c. Either party shall be entitled to terminate this agreement /licence by giving to the
other one month’s written notice expiring on or after the last day of the term

d). upon the termination of this agreement / licence / membership / subscription howsoever the client will have no further rights to neither use the facilities nor enter Enterprise House premises or use of the address of one of the residential addresses originally offered from our service.

5. Other provisions
a). Notices by either party of one month shall be given in writing for business services.

b) Notices for the residential services will not come into place until one month in writing is received after the client’s membership / subscription taken is coming to or ended, otherwise the membership / subscription it will continue to roll over until one month in writing has been received. When cancelled clients must settle up all accounts owing (if any) postage etc additional memberships / subscriptions since being with us. Client’s deposits if any over will be refunded to the original sender.

c).any acts or omissions on part of employees of the client shall be deemed to be acts or omissions of the client /service user / licensee / memberships / subscriptions.

d). where two or more persons constitutes the client / service user / licensee all rights and obligations shall be joint and several.

e). UK mailing address Enterprise house the business shall not in any circumstances incur any liability in respect of loss or damage caused in respect of  any property of the client / service user / licensee  received send delivered or kept in the facilities or in any part of the premises.

f). the business or otherwise accepts no  responsibility for any losses or damages of any sort suffered by the client arising directly or indirectly from the use by the client of the premises or any of the business centres services.

g). this agreement does not in any way constitute a lease or any form of tenancy whatsoever other than a temporary licence and the client /licensee / service user / membership / subscription & the client shall not be of landlord and tenant.

h). in the event that the client recruits any person that the client recruits any person who has at any time been employed by Enterprise House or any associated company of the business we shall add to the clients next invoice a recruitment commission of 12% of the person/s annual gross salary offered or a minimum fee of nine hundred and fifty pounds English pounds sterling whichever is less and such amount shall become due and payable within seven (7) days of receipt of such invoice by client service user licensee.  Recruitment fees (if incurred - whichever is less)… 12% of gross annual salary or nine hundred and fifty pounds sterling whatever is less.

6. no refund of paid services unused including one off payments used or not or should the UK mailing address Enterprise house Wales business should the service be reconstructured moved amalgamated transferred sold or closed with the exception of any surplus to postage deposit unused and clients not outstanding any monies owed to the business.

7. all invoices must be settled within 14 days of invoice date

a. Late payments will incur a further surcharge of 10% addition of a late payment as 7(a.) surcharge further charge of £12.00 will be raised for administration charges for each and further reminders.

8. In case of dispute English law shall apply.